Taqueria Guadalajara

I pulled up and one of the waitresses quickly came up to my window. I ordered a brisket Torta. Which is what I call a Mexican Hamburger. Fresh baked bun, tender favorable meat. I also ordered some fries which were hot and crispy. If you find yourself on this side of town, stop by and grab a bite. The whole drive up and order concept feels old fashioned, but I like it.


Oki Dokey Burrito

We showed up early on a Saturday and got a bag full of burritos. The lady working the window was friendly and moved quickly to fill our order. Everyone enjoyed the early morning hot meal and the salsa was awesome. The place can be a little hard to find, its right off of loop 338 behind the NN-Out Convenience store. Go by you wont be disappointed. Find their menu here.

Norma’s Cafe Review

Norma’s Cafe is one of those places where you just feel at home. I walked into a busy dinner rush, and the owner was busy taking orders and cleaning tables. One of the waitresses quickly greeted me, and took my takeout order. I ordered a traditional chicken fried steak with a small salad, and mash potatoes. As I was waiting for my order I spied the desert menu on the back wall. Elvis cake, what is Elvis cake? Well I am glad you asked, because it’s awesome. It’s a huge hunk of Banana Nut Bread covered in Peanut Butter Frosting, drizzled in Chocolate and topped off with real Bacon pieces. Wow so good. The Chicken Fried Steak was splendid. I was very pleased with this place. Good friendly service, fast hot food. I noticed that everyone in the restaurant seemed really happy, and I always take that as a good sign. Order some takeout for the family today, find Norma’s Menu here.


Asian Food in Odessa

Where do I get good Chinese, Japanese, and Thai Food in Odessa? Which Restaurants deliver? Does Odessa have any decent Thai food? Where do I find Sushi in West Texas?

Well first off Odessa loves its Asian food, we have several great buffets, wonderful Thai Food, and some incredible Japanese food. Here is a brief rundown of what’s going on in Odessa’s Asian Scene.


Restaurants that serve in house and carry out.

Thai Spice – 3747 Andrews Highway – Menu

Find your Noodle fix here with several delicious dishes, the Curries are a local favorite. Come by and explore some tasty cuisine from the far away orient.

Oie’s Spicy Thai – 1133 E. 42 Street – Menu

The more exotic of Odessa’s two Thai restaurants, Oie’s has some interesting dishes like Pad-Macaroni, Three-Colors Fried Rice or BBQ Lemon Grass. Get your butt over here and check this place out.


Restaurants that serve in house, carry out, and deliver.

Osaka Japanese Steakhouse & Seafood – 4023 John Ben Shepperd Parkway – Menu

Come enjoy great Sushi and an awesome Hibachi Grill. They have a full bar with unique drinks like Japanese Margarita’s and Madame Butterflies. Come wet your whistle and fill your belly. The perfect place for a date or any kind of celebration.


Restaurants that serve in house, carry out, and deliver.

China-Mex – 1401 N Grant Ave. – Menu

China-Mex is Chinese food made by Mexicans, and is loved the locals. Its always packed. You get huge portions. Most will tell you that this is the best Chinese Food in town. Come try it out and make up your own mind.

Restaurants that serve in house, and carry out. 

Buffet King – 4101 E. 32 St. – Menu

Come by for an awesome array of Chinese delicacies. Come hungry and leave full. Great Sweet and Sour Chicken and Fried Rice. Don’t forgot the ice cream.

Chinese Kitchen – 3183 E. University – Menu

Good eats for a good price. Come by for a delicious bite that won’t bite your pocket book too hard.

Fortune Cookie – 3744 Andrews Highway – Menu

Very small menu, and small buffet but the owners do this to keep the cost down. The food is always hot and you won’t be disappointed. Visit today for a tasty bite.

Chinese Cuisine – 2900 Andrews Highway – Menu

A fan favorite for sure, above average Chinese food. Some Odessians say this is the best in town. What do think? Drop by and decide for yourself.